Tuesday, 5 March 2013

GAMES - ​​A 5 Year Old Child Spends 1,900 Euros on the IPad His Parents

A 5 year old child was in fifteen minutes of play on the iPad from his mother, spending 2,500 dollars (1,900 euros), we learn Mashable Tuesday.

Danny Kitchen, a British citizen had obtained permission to download a free application, "Zombies vs. Ninjas" and play while their parents were guests. To kill a few more zombies, Danny has commissioned a series of "darts" and "bombs" weapons which can cost up to 99.99 dollars (77 euros).

The next day, his mother, Sharon, received 19 emails from Apple bills. Imagining it was a single invoice sent by mistake several times, she did not know. Until her bank contacted her a few days later, alerted by suspicious spending.

I still do not understand how he managed to do that said Sharon Kitchen at Mashable. Has had the iPad in hand for a quarter of an hour ago. He did not realize he was doing something wrong.

After three days of negotiations, Apple has agreed to consider buying as an accident and reimburse parents Danny. A spokesperson for the company told the Telegraph that it was essential to keep the password secret of an iPad to avoid such surprises. Most parents say they were unaware of this rule to use Apple during the fifteen minutes after initial activation password to the iPad, the following purchases are made without further checks.

The little Danny, meanwhile, has been scolded. He understood that his act would have consequences, says Sharon Mashable. I told him: You better run and hide well. He asked me: But Mom, I have to hide where? I felt sorry for him and could not get angry.

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