Sunday, 13 January 2013

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating is developing a healthy body and is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Canada's Food Guide and other publications provide information on nutrition nutritional requirements to help you choose foods nutritional quality. You can also use nutrition labels on food products to help you make healthy dietary choices.
What can you do?

Eating well does not mean giving up your favorite foods, but choose them wisely. Try some of the following suggestions in your food choices:
Canadian Health
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  •      Choose a variety of foods from all food groups such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and grains.

  •      Choose grain products, vegetables and fruits.
  •      Opt for foods low in fat.
  •      Make regular physical activity and adopt a healthy diet to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  •      Check the nutrition labels on food products in order to better compare them, determine their intake of vitamins and minerals, to see if they meet other dietary requirements and if you need to reduce or increase the consumption of a food particular.


In addition to Canada's Food Guide, the section on healthy eating guides will provide you with references and nutrition for toddlers, youth and women who are or trying to become pregnant. You can check whether you have a healthy weight calculator using the body mass index.

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