Monday, 5 August 2013

Pin Up Girls

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Once again we had fun filming the editorial, this time the theme was Pin Up.

This term comes from the word "pinned-up" which means hook pin to the wall. Pin up girls were girls, most models, dancers and actresses who were photographed for the purpose of self-promotion and advertising. Mostly they advertise the show in which acting, singing, dancing or play. Very often they are photographed in lascivious poses, seductive and emphasizing their sexuality at first, these photos standing in the green room-studio or theater, and later even made ​​it for sale men for personal entertainment.

Girls, especially burlesque dancers are fully take advantage of photo kind of personal promotion and developed a style that is now being called Pin up. Accentuated curves, carefully constructed hairstyle of wavy hair, strong make up with red lipstick, tight dresses, shorts and high heels.

Pin up girls in our ediotorijalu artfully staged sisters Ivana and Nikolina Pirizović, and styling helped them Tatjana Novak from the salon Glamour and Iva Berišić to make up. For clothing made ​​sure boutique Modiano, a photo Viviana Šulina the LaVie photo studio.

Best to look at you what happened on Monday ujuto Šapjane near Matulja.

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