Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Natural and Thick Eyebrows! 90s Brows for Fall

Trend dense and pronounced brow continues. Brooke Shields and Madonna are just some of the representatives of this trend in the 90s and who now again imminent. And my wife as we are, we are capable of with their eyebrows do whatever we please. Cut with scissors, pat to death, and often times it happens that "accidentally" take off one row of hair as a joke. All of us to welcome one and collect our folly. Of course, not all wear thick eyebrows, many do not have the capabilities but more natural brows are always pleasing to the eye but too thin plucked. With more natural eyebrows your face and your eyes get a completely different form. For perfect eyebrows you need tweezers, gel mascara to them nicely smoothed and combed, and if you are not thick enough, you can fill them with an eyebrow pencil that is lighter than your natural. Dare!

Sally Lapointe, Chanel, Tom Ford and many other designers this season suggest just natural and thick eyebrows!

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