Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Color Block Dress Trend in Three Stories

Color block trend is still around us. She's still just as fun, especially if you love the colors. You can put together your own piece of clothing that you have at home or you can buy a piece that is already finished. Like this dress minimalist cut and color. I ran it through the three stories but I had the same colors and accessories. One dress - three stylings.

The first combination is very classic but with a lag. Red bags are always special, just like the red dress so that I could hardly resist this. Simple patent pumps and discreet but somewhat wild jewelry I imagined with wacky glasses for vision. Retro - Classic - moved?!

This combination is crazy, partly because of models of shoes because of jewelry. Though shoes are the same retro stories from the 70s, but in the modern version, Marama be the head like a turban or simply the style of Grace Kelly. Do not give up the bag, which is acceptable in almost every Chic story.

In the end it is always totally dissolved and Play up to the end. The combination inspired by cartoons. Starting from bags, shoes over until the glasses & Game patterns that would accept only those girls who have fun with what you wear. Childish?!

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