Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hermes Birkin Bags

Most luxurious leather bag in the world is called the Hermes Birkin. The first model was developed in the early 80s for a model, singer and IT girl Jane Birkin. A story went like this: Jean-Louis Dumas, director of Hermes on the flight Paris - London he met Jane Birkin. She was extremely unhappy with the organization in her bag and said it was impossible to find the perfect bag for the weekend. Dumas had then asked to look the bag and what size would be and soon Jane at their address given personalized handbag Hermes.

Since that day, Birkinica has become the most sought after fashion accessory. With prices starting from five thousand U.S. dollars, there is a dispute on the waiting list which can be up to 4 years. Hermes does not sell its handbags online or through retailers, but in some online stores, you can buy older models on the principle of the auction. What is almost impossible to get it becomes more attractive.

To create these bags can take up to 48 hours and it's one of the reasons why is the price so high. Despite the large selection of leather for this bag, it is most valuable of crocodile skin, while the inner lining usually goat. In addition to celebrities, this bag is intriguing and everyone else.

Some sources say that it is possible that a color or treatment of skin just out of the production, without notice. It is also known that special orders or never come at the address or 1-2 years after the agreed date. We wonder just how Victoria Beckham managed to make a collection of over 100 pieces...

As far as metal accessories on the bag, there is no fear that it will peel due to the fact that they are made of precious metals or gold. In the past it was often studded with diamonds. It is very easy to spot up on several levels, but the metal accessories are just one of them.

Form of bags that can be worn with sneakers but also the ceremonial dress. To contain all that is necessary to a woman, then the dimensions perfect match. What do we need?
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