Saturday, 12 January 2013

9 Secrets To Reach Ideal Weight

Adopt a healthy diet is the best way to keep away diseases and overweight but when you want to lose some weight or just feel better in your body, you can associate the diet 10 days boosters that will wake up the metabolism. No plan on the horizon, just a few rules...

9 rules, to be precise, which followed for 10 days will make you a lot of good and will take you to reach your ideal weight. Without any danger of yo-yo effect or any other funny "after diet" (regaining weight, dropping calories, etc). Because there you do not change your diet!
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1. To lose between 200g and 500g per day for ten days, you will have 40 minutes of daily sport. Run 20 to 30 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach. The race is the activity most effective way to lose weight. Make another, like a walk in the evening before slouching in front of the television. A tour of 20 min will be extremely beneficial! You will quickly see how much exercise is good for you, and how you will become addicted.

2. After the exercise, take a hot shower for 3 min, then for 20 seconds, go to cold water. Important: direct the water jet towards the ends of the heart. Feet, legs, arms and then only after the trunk. Then, showering you for 30 seconds with warm water and again 20 seconds with cold water. Repeat 3 times to activate your circulation and boost your metabolism.
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3. Place a glass of mineral water on your bedside table, and drink it before you get up in the morning, it will help your digestion. Daily drink 2-3 liters of water. Add to each glass half a lemon. Renounce all beer and avoid sugary drinks.

4. Do not skip meals, this is not good for the mind or the body and stimulates the wrong hormones. You can eat as many fruits and vegetables you want. Single imperative: more fruit after 17h to avoid cluttering the digestive tract. Against past by this time, a big bowl of rice or pasta with vegetables are welcome!
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5. Noon, time for lunch. Are you going to eat as much? Try to escape the influence of time, rather listen to your internal clock. Wait until your stomach gurgles gently to indicate that it needs something. Then try to guess what your body, not your mind, would like to eat. Your body does not surely say "Big Mac".

In fact, you did not feel well after such a meal. But it may well be that you claimed something like cottage cheese and berries (thank you Picard) or a big bowl of rawness with a good grilled turkey cutlet. Because your body knows from experience that feels good after this type of food.

6. Try starchy complete (pasta, rice, etc) is also tasty and much better for your health!
Bubble bath

7. Chocolates and sweets you stuck in your head? Try a chocolate bar 70%, immerse yourself in a bath or going to run for a while, much more interesting ideas you will come to mind.

8. You eat out? Do not deprive yourself, but prefer a good piece of meat, poultry or fish with vegetables rather than traditional fries, tomato mozzarella otherwise salad, mushrooms, spaghetti with shrimp ... From all this you can easily order a large portion.

9. Do not look at the scale. Doing sports every day, you lose fat, but you gain muscle. And it is heavier than fat. Your favorite jeans say more than the figure indicated by the scales!

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