Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kate Middleton the Secret of Her Beautiful Hair

The world was literally overwhelmed by the appearance of the young mom Kate Middleton with her newborn, July 23. For a woman who gave birth earlier 24:00, Kate was radiant and very beautiful, especially with her hair, one of its most attractive features. Journalists stationed at the clinic until the release of the baby had also tweeted earlier this afternoon that the hairdresser of the Duchess came to the maternity care of her hair. A hairdresser who did not hesitate to entrust the secret to beautiful hair Kate Middleton, to the delight of admirers of the young woman.
In his very first outing after giving birth, Kate Middleton appeared radiant as always.

A hairdresser who is not Barber Kate Middleton so long it elsewhere. While the Duchess was a regular (three weekly brushings) in the London salon Richard Ward, it is now trust Rossano Ferretti, who was advised by her sister Pippa and mother. Rossano Ferretti is also famous for caring for hair Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie. VIP clientele.

Rossano Ferretti is clearly not the type to keep the beauty secrets of the stars just for him. He unveiled the open secret of the brilliance and sublime matter Hair Kate Middleton. This is the Absolute Essence hair oil of the Japanese brand Shu Uemura. Oil used in all salons hairdresser Rossano Ferretti. This oil has antioxidant formula with camellia discipline frizz while adding a healthy dose of moisture to the hair fiber. With this oil Essence Absolue Shu Uemura nourishing and protective, mane Kate Middleton is shiny and silky.

The Duchess is a model for many young women in Britain who flock to the clothes Kate door or the products they use. We bet that oil Essence Absolue Shu Uemura should soon be found across the Channel!
Kate Middleton's hair is a role model for many women in Britain

Shortly before announcing her pregnancy, the Duchess had cut bangs. For the English tabloids are talking about something other than a possible pregnancy?

Hair shine Kate Middleton is due to the hair oil Shu Uemura Essence Absolue.

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