Friday, 11 January 2013

Out With The Bad Fats

Sugar and our body, this is a story ... Continuation and end of the chapter on sugar.
The pancreas produces glycogen, a hormone that counteracts the slimming action of insulin. Glycogen inhibits the activity of insulin and prevents any metabolize blood sugar; it occurs only when glucose levels dropped below a certain threshold.

If you eat bread or an apple for example and lower blood sugar levels naturally, the pancreas sends a large amount of glycogen in the blood. The liver tries to raise blood sugar levels by eradicating fat from fat cells and converting it into sugar as needed.

Glycogen, however, has no chance to intervene if you draw continuously insulin with bad carbohydrates as long as the blood contains too much insulin, glycogen can not act. Stocks of sugar in the liver and fat cells of the hips and belly are full.

Among the "good" carbohydrates include whole wheat products, brown rice, legumes, vegetables and most fruits As they are only slightly blood sugar must eat a lot to draw glycogen intervene.

We know that high glycerin index makes you fat. So now white sugar is almost inevitable: it is found everywhere in the juice, the muesli, most prepared dishes, as well as mustard and ketchup in a ketchup bottle contains approximately 50 pieces of sugar!

Among the bad curbs, there is also industrially processed white flour, mashed flake or white rice. In fact, they do not have natural dietary fibers.

To lose weight, you must change menu and adopt many low glycerin index foods, such as:


    Rye bread, oatmeal bread, wholemeal bread.
    All whole grains
    Bittersweet chocolate (cocoa <70%)
    Peanuts, walnuts
    Chickpeas, lentils, beans.
    Fresh fruit, cherries, grapefruit...
    Fresh vegetables, mushrooms, bean sprouts...


    The overripe bananas, pineapple, carrots, melons...
    White rice, white pasta, couscous...
    Cornflakes, popcorn, corn, crackers...
    White flour
    Biscuits and jam
    Baguette, pretzel
    Soda, etc...

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