Friday, 11 January 2013

Beautiful and Slim, the Secrets Of The Stars

Summer and Cannes us note once again that nature is unjust. Some women seem to have been spared by the beads, cellulite and shaky leg ... Would they have a secret?

What is certain is that many stars pass easily from one size to another: Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler or Katrin Zeta Jones often varies in weight but if you exceed these lipid episodic fluctuations, some remained at a fairly constant weight and displays a beautiful silhouette, how do they do?

Renee Zellweger

This is more out of curiosity than real therapeutic value that we conducted this short survey. Because, as we shall see below, each in her little trick, the ultimate goal is to know oneself and to know what is best for us ... However, some habits can give us good ideas!

Halle Berry


Halle Berry is adept at food intake split on the day, five meals, one rich in protein and fat-free. Others prefer foods with a low glycemic index such as brown rice or sweet potatoes and those rich in fiber. Golden rules: never avoids sodas and fat. To absorb any excess, the young woman is forced to follow them to a day when she will not eat that sauce, broccoli and egg whites. What a program! A priori, it is a balanced diet that does not cause deficiencies and allows staying in shape without melting the muscles.

Demi Moore

Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore bet everything on drinks ... The first drink in the morning a cup of hot water with lemon to boost your digestive system and remove dirt, perfect for eliminating toxins. Demi Moore drinks throughout the day more than 2 liters of green tea and add 4 cups of herbal tea made of nettle, dandelion or camomile according to time of day. Warning to not drink too much, otherwise you run the risk of doing too much to her bladder and dematerialized.



Madonna seems to visibly rejuvenate ... This is the result of a diet mainly completion of organic agriculture. She does not eat any refined food and favors fish. The menu type: fish and vegetables, nothing extraordinary... Small over the singer: she eats a tablespoon of flaxseed in the morning and as a snack to nibble sunflower seeds. Attention, however, the star is so strict that it does not allow any gap. Whereas if a balanced diet every day, you can very well relax and eat an ice cream from time to time without any negative effects on the line!



Penelope Cruz

And finally, we appreciate you the philosophy of Penelope Cruz: She does not hesitate and when the needle of the balance flies, she jumps at any sport takes its place! In summary no magic, stars are just like us and must monitor their diet to keep their dream body. They may be just a little more motivated than the average person due to their almost constant exposure to criticism. The secret to well in her shoes, to live life to the fullest and move when the opportunity presents itself!

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