Friday, 16 August 2013

Put the Right Thing In The Right Place

S must always carry something; it is among other things the issue of our culture and customs of consumption souvenirs. And then we come to the temptation and force the spirit of the Mediterranean we tuck into our city's story. Seashells and starfish, cones, pebbles interesting colors and shapes are indispensable pieces that are hard to resist and do not take them with you.

If your child has donated Surfaced shells may not necessarily look for the first convenient opportunity and secretly get rid of them. Listen to the advice of our leader’s ocvalih hobby & art workshop with ideas from Mile and decorate picture frame or container for jewelry that conchiglie I would not recommend it. Indulge in such ventures without doubt the revision of the boundaries of kitsch, it's hard. Perhaps more satisfactory solution all these shells as they are disposed of without the intervention of a glass vase or a decorative platter. With a request to refrain from it as time goes by and drop "refresh" decoration with dried flowers, crystals, cones and do your home-made potpourri. Potpourri is a skill which is a ratio, a special technique of drying and retaining the original color, not just about collecting and hoarding.

When you are already collecting cones Naber them in great quantity and fill them open fireplace or maybe a hole in the surface of the table, above which the glass mount. Those days when you feel depressed agree're a sexy cocktail and as soon as it docked on the "window to the forest cones" scenes memories of summer will just pouring...

Stones make to pan the ground around the plants in home vases except that it looks nice and has its function, and it is long lasting moisture and watering when there will be flowing out of the country vases.

These are just some tips on how to use these organic souvenirs have to work in your favor in the aesthetic sense. I'd like you sent to many blogs full of contemporary and applicable ideas about interior design and decoration magazines Elle, Art & Decoration, Interior design, Moja4zida...

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