Friday, 2 August 2013

Louis Vuitton Explores...

Fashion mag Louis Vuitton is currently investigating the former employee claims for sexism and racism. The allegations were raised Chanjira Razzell, who worked at Selfridges in their department.

Louis Vutton believes that the diversity of its employees at the center of brand values ​​and strives to ensure that their practices and high standards of integrity, respect and responsibility. Woe to them now more comments while the investigation is ongoing. - Said in Loius Vuitton.

Their seller claims was hired as a clerk just to attract customers Thais. He states that he was threatened by text-messaging that sent her colleagues. He says that it is already in a job interview humiliated when they were talking about her name and her homeland.

Admittedly thing yet to be confirmed, but we were encouraged to think about the case.

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