Saturday, 3 August 2013

Long Dresses With Thick Sweaters and Flat Ankle Shoes & Simple Cuts Coat

We had a peek at the new campaign Zare and review what she's hiding. We were thrilled. Simple cuts coat with no seams on the edges of the chamber minimalism and purity. It looks as if the men came in women's fashion, but we do not mind. Dresses and suits are very strict and are complemented with lacquered ankle boots this fall that will surely be a must have in any wardrobe.

Perfect fit pants just like the dresses. Plaid is still open and there are a lot of gray and white shades. In this little office or school look slipped and soft romantic lines with flowers and "monotonous". Long dresses in hippie style, it fits perfectly with thick sweaters and flat shoes but also with bulky heels. Short dresses in the style baby doll looking for a short leather jacket or thick sweater. Combination of soft and rough always fun and we flirt with the piece to your heart's content.

This autumn promises a truly stylish and as we see the campaign we have at least several combinations that we know for sure that we will be loved.

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