Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dior Haute Couture Glitter Lips Version

Dior haute couture for fall suggests an emphasis on the lips and the glitter version. I must admit that this is a very decent considering what we make up trends represented the last few years. Look for a make-up artist Pat McGrath credited. The rest of the make-up is very simple and fluid, on the eyelids and cheeks are present cream shimmer textures that give metallizing look. Eyebrows were also highlighted, but the bohemian style - so improperly drawn and thicker shapes. As can be noted on the face does not blush or mascara. I think this is a refreshing look for Dior HC because he managed to do something really effective, the load and the possibility that any woman can make this up to make itself. Of course everyone take up in this look, what they are most like!

How to achieve glitter effect -?

It is very easy! On the lips, apply lipstick or lip oily texture if desired, then brush the lips or finger, apply glitter if desired. Mana glitter to your lips is that you have the feeling that your lips are dry and feeling like you has crumbs on her lips But if you fell in love with this lip look worth trying. Dior proposes bronze, soft purple and dark pink shades!

How to achieve the metallic effect?

You need to find the right product in the creamy texture shimmer:

These products, in this case apply to the foundation, and I suggest you fix them with a metallic loose powder or eye shadows for durability. Tips plus: If you love to accentuate lips and play with the shades and textures you can try on any lipstick applied eye shadow is metallic. The effect will be great, but it also has the disadvantage that the lips look and are dry.

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