Friday, 16 August 2013

Concert by Elemental

Elemental Group this summer performances throughout the region promoting his new album, "It's okay," the great reaction wherever they appear! As part of its summer promotion will perform 10th August Seasplash Summer Club in Pula, where they will play songs from the new album, but also to recall some of the older hits. Do not miss the performance of one of the best bands in Croatia, especially now coming up with new songs that will play premiered before an audience in Pula, in a magical setting works Punta Christo! In support will play home Seasplash Pula Crew members: 207 and Sheco as part of another Summer Showcase?

Elemental is one of the most popular bands in Croatia and the region. A unique blend of rap music with funk, soul, jazz and rock makes their albums and concert performances striking and imaginative musical experience. The band was founded in 1998 and since then has released six studio albums. The band is Mirela Priselac Remi (rapper and singer) and Luke Tralić Shot (rapper and producer) who have their first two albums were released in a "more traditional" hip-hop form (with the help of samples and instrumentals programmed on a computer). The next three albums were created with the help of instrumentalists and somewhat changed this musical expression. Today's lineup consists of guitarist Erol Elemental Zejnilović, keyboardist Davor Zanoški, Konrad Lovrenčić bassist, drummer John Vodopijec and backing vocals Vida Manestar. Elemental sound could be described as "organic hip-hop."

Seasplash Pula Crew is a young team of DJs and producers: 207, L Jay and Sheco performed around the Croatian and regions and at numerous festivals...

207 (tu-ou-sevn) is a dubstep DJ and producer, as well as a professional basketball player, 207 cm tall which is why it got its name. His musical career started 2006th when he started as a hip-hop producer for many local and regional artists (Doki Doc, Why Not!, Fanatics, Mohammed, Nina Davis ...) 2010th when Outlook found his new home in his town, comes into contact with dubstep and continues in this direction.

Sheco Pula is a young DJ who is mixing business since end of 2010. year. He is a member Seasplash Crew leader Seasplash Summer Club and participates in the organization of parties Rojc Showcase. In his sets prevail d'n'b and jungle, and with appearances at local parties and festivals Seasplash, Outlook, Trnfest, captures numerous performances in Zagreb, Rijeka, Trieste, Ljubljana...

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